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Chemeen (Prawns) is the name of the beautiful movie which has the most beautiful songs. I listen to those songs over and over and over. The songs are in this link. Another song I listen over and over again is this. Finally, I realized that I like many songs by Salil Chowdary or Salilda as he is fondly known. If you have similar preferences, you would like his songs. Cheers.


Often I wonder

Often I wonder, Often I wonder
Often I wonder, were you made just for me?

Were you shining high amongst the stars,
and called down upon this earth for me?

Often I wonder, whether this softness
and these eyes were meant to be my treasures?

Black shadows of your tresses, these lips
and these arms were meant to be my treasures?

Often I imagine, that I hear these Shenaihs playing
and I lift the veil from your forehead on our first night together,
and I can feel you tremble in my arms.

Often I wonder, that you would love me so, all my life.
And forever, your loving eyes would rise up to meet mine.

Though I know, that you would remain a stranger to me.
Yet, often I wonder...

Early mornings

Early mornings were the worst.
New day and school rush
used to push me out of my door.

Early mornings were beautiful.
Fresh thoughts and new ideas
used to rustle up my hair.

Early mornings were sweet.
Soft whispers and pouting lips
used to glue me to my bed.

Early mornings were sad.
Old memories and old love
used to tear my eyelids out.

Early mornings were hectic.
Busy streets and busy people
used to buzz through my ears.

Early mornings are peaceful.
Slow life and slower days,
nothing matters anymore.

I’m, but a poet

I'm, but a poet of a moment or two.
My tale lasts for a moment or two.
My laughter, for a moment or two.
Even my youth, for a moment or two.
I'm, but a poet of a moment or two.

Many poets have come before me and have passed.
Some with heavy sighs and others with sweet songs.
They too were a part of a moment,
and I too am a part of a moment.
and tomorrow will seperate us,
but for this moment, let me be a part of you.

Others will arrive with songs tomorrow,
and will choose the blossoming flowers.
People who will sing better than me,
and people who will listen better than you.

And if tomorrow remembers me:
why would tomorrow remember me?
This bustling world of tomorrow,
why should it waste its time on me?
I'm, but a poet of a moment or two.


He threw the tumbler at his mom,
He banged the door hard and ran out.
His hands trembling.
He felt something deeply repulsive about the world.
There must be a world better than this, he thought.
His mom was unjust. His Mom was unjust. His mom was unjust.
He had asked for Complan and his mom gave him Horlicks.


The drive, the force
The speed, the velocity.
Out he ran from the house,
Climbed up the teracce,
Jumped up and down and
Pulled the branches of the neem tree.
Then ran down skipping steps and jumped up his cycle.
No air. He doesn’t care!
Frightening the dogs with the drive, the force
With the speed, the  velocity.

The boy with the golden smile

The boy had a smile. It looked golden, for he had his clips on, and it shone in the hot sun. The boy had his cool glasses on, and was blowing a bubble and bursting it, and then he spit the gum. He took the dry coconut kernel, scratched out his snack. Smelled the hibiscus flower and then swung on the gate for a while. He called out to the street dogs, who turned their heads in attention. After he fed them the rest of coconut pieces he drew a bucket from the well, and poured cool water on his head. The crow hiding in the coconut leaves watched him. He saw him leave the shell behind and a squirrel with stripes rush in. The boy went to his verandah again, and sat under the shade made of bamboo and hay.

Installing RevTex 4.1 (APS)

Update: December 12, 2015

I find the method recommended by this webpage to be the best. Just download and unzip revtex4.1 and copy it in the ~/texmf folders as mentioned by the webpage, and finally texhash it.

The old instructions are below, and may help some.

This is a install guide that works on Ubuntu 10.04 (AMD 64 bit)

  1. Download RevTex 4.1
  2. Change Directory (cd) to the containing folder in terminal
  3. sudo su
  4. texhash (to find where your texlive installation is)
  5. unzip -d /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/ (before this step check if you have other folders in this path)
  6. texhash

In most cases you might need to install natbib as well,

  1. Download natbib and extract it
  2. Change Directory (cd) to that folder in terminal
  3. sudo su
  4. cp natbib.* /usr/share/doc/texlive-latex-base-doc/latex/natbib/
  5. texhash

Hope it helps.


You are my mate wherever I go.

Oh, How I hate you!

And yet, I haven’t seen the worst of you.

Arranging things again

I may have been a little confusing last time. This time, I think, I will be clear,

You can have 5 objects and two places. Two ways of thinking about the same thing is,

1)place any of 5 objects in place 1.
2)place any of remaining 4 objects in place 2.

5*4 is 5P2


1)place “place 1” on any of the 5 objects.
2)place “place 2” on any of the remaining 4 objects.

5*4 is 5P2.

5! is nothing but
1)place “place 1” on any of the 5 objects.
2)place “place 2” on any of the remaining 4 objects.
3)place “place 3” on any of the remaining 3 objects.
4)place “place 4” on any of the remaining 2 objects.
5)place “place 5” on any of the remaining 1 objects.

3! is nothing but
3)place “place 3” on any of the 3 objects.
4)place “place 4” on any of the remaining 2 objects.
5)place “place 5” on any of the remaining 1 objects.

Now 5P2 is nothing but
First 2 steps of the above procedure. i.e. deleting 3! from 5!. Hence the formula 5P2 is 5!/3!.

Hope this is clear.

Note: Both ways of thinking either placing objects on places or places on objects is equivalent.