Why I write

You would no doubt realize that I had borrowed the title from George Orwell’s famous essay. It is time that we asked the question ourselves. Why do we write? Who is our target audience? What is the idea we wish to convey to this audience?

There are some who write as a job. They get paid for it and is good for them. There are some who write for themselves. It is best that only they read their work. Yet, we are subject to read their blogs because they are our friends or loved ones. There are those who write intelligently. I have never found out who their audience was.

I believe, as did Orwell, that writing something is a pain in the neck. So much more is reading something. It is best to write to release the demon which is dancing in your head, i.e. writing is best when it has a purpose.

The link for George Orwell’s famous essay.