I Fly Again ( Phir Se Ud Chala )

by rangr

I like the music better than the lyrics. A liberal translation of the song is provided here.

I fly again
leaving far below this world, with the wind I fly to find you.
Far far away are those people and those valleys.
Now a soft misty cloud touches me.
Yet, let no cloud make my eyes wet.

I don't stop to rest.
I fly away from me and 
accede to this eternal sadness.
All cities seem the same,
the villages the same,
the people the same,
their names the same.
And I fly again.

These dreams like dust settles back even after I dust them off.
So many dreams, what can I say, how broken I left them.
Then why do these dreams follow and lift me up again and fly?

From branch to branch, from leaf to leaf,
I fly in rain, in desert and in pain
to die and die and become a demon?
From branch to branch, from leaf to leaf,
sometimes the day is night, and at others the day.
Now what is truth and what illusion?

Here, there, helter-skelter,
the wind may even take me to you.
Your memories draw me,
your memories draw me towards you.
In these vibrant visions, I fly and wander.