Installing RevTex 4.1 (APS)

by rangr

Update: December 12, 2015

I find the method recommended by this webpage to be the best. Just download and unzip revtex4.1 and copy it in the ~/texmf folders as mentioned by the webpage, and finally texhash it.

The old instructions are below, and may help some.

This is a install guide that works on Ubuntu 10.04 (AMD 64 bit)

  1. Download RevTex 4.1
  2. Change Directory (cd) to the containing folder in terminal
  3. sudo su
  4. texhash (to find where your texlive installation is)
  5. unzip -d /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/ (before this step check if you have other folders in this path)
  6. texhash

In most cases you might need to install natbib as well,

  1. Download natbib and extract it
  2. Change Directory (cd) to that folder in terminal
  3. sudo su
  4. cp natbib.* /usr/share/doc/texlive-latex-base-doc/latex/natbib/
  5. texhash

Hope it helps.